15 reasons to visit Ecuador

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Highest biodiversity per square meter in the world (birdwatchers ready to tag your whole list at once?)

Closest point from the earth to the sun.

First country in the world to give constitutional rights to nature

Amazone, Pacific Coast, Andes (are we missing anything? Oh right, Galapagos!)

Ecuador has shape shifting frogs (called punk-rocker, Google it)



Ecuador namesake, the Equator! (yes, you can walk on it)

14 indigenous nations and uncontacted ancestral cultures speaking 24 languages (you’ll do fine with Spanglish, no worries)

Ecuadorian inventtion: “Panama-Hats” should actually be called “Ecuador-Hats”

Galapagos was the first UNESCO World Heritage EVER (and there’s three more in the country)

Helados de paila, canelazo, humitas… (BEHOLD, foodlovers and prepare for some extra weight – not talking about luggage here)

Carnaval Guamote


– You can pay with US dollars (no bargaining for that levely poncho with your calculator in your hand)

– Direct connections to Miami, Lima, Amsterdam, Toronto, Madrid, Santiago (For Australia)

– Free of mass tourism! (it’s just you and the alpacas)

– Great infrastructure, short distances! (who wants to spend their holiday on the road?)

– Authentic South America experience without making concessions on safety (most alpacas don’1 even spit)

Chimborazo (Closest point from the earth to the sun)